Rosewood Botanicals, named after our 2 little ones Cooper Rose and Bunker Wood began as a way to keep Cooper and Bunker entertained during long days at home.  

We wanted to break up the mundane and teach them about the beauty of mother earth.  We would walk through the neighborhood "borrowing" plants, and flowers, and saving all of our fruits and vegetables until we had enough to boil or steam to transfer the beautiful colors to textiles.
We loved the process, and the unknown of what colors we would achieve.  
One blanket takes 2 days to make and every element you can think of plays a role in the end result: the temperature, the heat, PH levels, dry time, etc.  
It truly is an art we are still in the process of mastering, although I am not sure that mastering is ever possible, as the beauty is within the variable nature of botanical dyes.

All of our textiles are hand dyed with lots of love from our little family to yours with all natural botanical dyes.  Each one is unique just like you, and can not be replicated. 

Our 100% organic cotton, 6-layer muslin blankets are perfect for year round use, naturally temperature regulating, moisture wicking, and pre-washed & pre-shrunk.

Thank you so much for your support, it truly means the world to us.