the greats | oak gall

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The greats... big enough for the family bed.  Our largest size yet, made from the softest 100% organic cotton, 6-layer muslin fabric, perfect for year round use, naturally temperature regulating, moisture wicking, and pre-washed & pre-shrunk. Hand dyed with love, using all non-toxic botanicals.  

Oak Galls is our newest experiment.  We have been trying for months to get a dark grey color and we are finally getting close!  We crush the oak galls and boil to make a dark dye.  We then use a natural iron bath and have achieved a dark grey-blue color that we are in love with!  

Oak galls come from the Aleppo Oak Tree native to Southern Europe and we are so happy we have found their beauty!

Each one is unique just like you, and can not be replicated.  Photo represents the color, but there will be variance in shades and markings.

Due to the unique hand-dyed process, please wash separately in cold for your first launder.  Tumble dry low.

Botanical dyes will soften and fade over the course of time to what we like to call aged beauty.   

96" x 90"